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Creating A New Era of Transportation In KSA

Giving everyone in KSA the new experience of a better, safer and more reliable way of transportation.

TASARU Mobility Investments

Welcome to TASARU Mobility Investments. We are a Saudi Arabian investment company, using our expertise to explore, identify and capitalize on the immense opportunities in the Kingdom’s growing automotive and mobility sector.

TASARU creates innovative investment vehicles that support the development of the sector, in line with the country’s growth and diversification strategy, through partnership, joint ventures and venture capital. We are committed to securing investments that deliver value-added outcomes, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships that enhance the prosperity of our stakeholders and contribute to the growth of the Kingdom’s automotive and mobility ecosystem.

What We Do

Sector Overview

Our focus within the sector falls into three sectors,

We invest in local and international automotive companies to develop private/public partnerships, facilitate long-term knowledge and technology transfer and attract investment from industry players.

We invest in mobility operations, solutions, infrastructure and manufacturing facilities to facilitate localization efforts and support the roll-out of relevant mobility concepts.

We invest in companies developing Next-Generation sustainable mobility solutions in Saudi Arabia and globally.

Investment Strategy

At TASARU Mobility Investments, our mandate is clear: we ensure that our investments are perfectly aligned with our ambition for progress. Our journey is characterized by the relentless pursuit of investment opportunities that consistently match our vision for sustainable growth and development.


TASARU approach to investing focuses on building partnerships and developing relationships for the long term.

We are focused on building a strong, robust and thriving industry within KSA. That is dependent on not only the partnerships we create through our investment but also the partnerships we foster and incubate through the creation of the ecosystem.